About 3 Ridge Organics

Located in Lynchburg Virginia, we are a new way of growing. We focus on bringing sustainable, local growing options to anyone interested in starting a farm. Our founder, William Layton, has over 15 years of growing experience and over 40 years of construction experience. With this knowledge base, he has been able to use natural processes to revolutionize the next wave of farming. 
Our Company

It all started with giant pumpkins. William wanted to beat the state record and started researching different growing techniques. He started by using fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides but found that the pumpkins were unhealthy and would hardly grow. He then began looking at his surroundings and adapting his growing system to mimic it. By developing his own growing medium, he was able to break the state record with a 1138 lb pumpkin. After that, he decided to develop growing structures by combining his 40 plus years of construction experience with his new love of growing. He started 3 Ridge Organics in 2016 and now has plans on building these systems across the East Coast and beyond. 

The Growing Medium and Systems

What makes us different from other growing systems is our growing medium and the design of our systems. We have developed micro-green beds that can produce more than hydroponic systems without adding pH buffers or daily nutrients.  Our vertical growing system can grow spinach, strawberries, and rooting vegetables. If you are interested in learning more about the systems and how you can become part of the 3 Ridge Organics team, contact us at 3ridgeorganics@3ridgeorganics.com

Our Mission

Our mission here at 3 Ridge Organics is to provide communities, farmers (of all skill sets), and countries the technology to foster a local, sustainable agricultural system. By working with you closely, we are able to customize the growing system to meet the needs you have in mind. Our system has grown everything from micro-greens to giant pumpkins and is adding more potential crops to the list every month.  We want to provide growers with the knowledge, the tools, and the systems to create a locally sourced, organic system. If you are interested in investing in our company or want a system for yourself, contact us at info@3ridgeorganics.com

Environment & Sustainability

Our systems are designed to give growing power back to communities. With our year-round growing systems, we can capture water, use renewable energy sources, and provide a variety of produce at the source- eliminating the hefty carbon footprint transportation of products has now. The future of farming is conscious of its community, is aware of the carbon it consumes, and gives the power of growing back to the place it will be consumed at. 3 Ridge Organics is excited to pioneer a new, truly sustainable way of agriculture. 

Meet The Team


William Layton

President and Co-Founder

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Tom Killiam

Vice President

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Brittany Gallahan

Research Coordinator

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