Lettuce in the Micro-Green Rack

Growing Solutions for a Local, Sustainable, Agriculture. 

Higher yields, Lower costs, Chemical-free

Here at 3 Ridge Organics, we have developed a growing system that uses no fertilizersno pesticides, no herbicides, and is beyond organic. Our system can be adapted to work in a myriad of environments- from abandoned warehouses to rooftops and greenhouses. We want to offer communities, countries, and new farmers the opportunity to create local produce without needing expensive inputs and monthly maintenance costs. 

System Design & Installation
About us

In 2007, William Layton decided to start growing giant pumpkins. Using farming techniques he learned while observing the forests in his area, he was able to grow a 1138 lb pumpkin. Amazed by the results, he began growing a range of produce without having to add fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. William then began growing his produce in a greenhouse located in Lynchburg, Va. Now, we want to share this revolutionary system with the world. 

Latest News 

Moving into the New Facility

August, 2019


We are excited to say the renovations in our new space are going well. Thank you to the City of Lycnhburg for providing us an amazing new space to build our research facility in! Come check it out as we set up more micro-green racks and vertical systems! 


Strawberry Production

December, 2019

Looking towards the new year, we are getting our strawberry plants ready for production.  We are able to grow these beautiful berries without fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. We guarantee they are some of the best strawberries you will ever eat.